Monday, January 28, 2008

"Boiling, Bubbling, Confusing Mess" -GG

So here's a few of my notes from Senior Seminar...
(In response to our last reading assignment When Form Has Become Attitude- And Beyond by Thierry de Duve)

Academic /talent /imitation /metier
Modernist (Bauhaus) /creativity /invention /medium
Now (Postmodernism) /attitude /deconstruction /practice

We ("Art") are/is currently in a transitional state.  
Art is at a place right now where "If you can convince someone it's art than it is". 
Artists as intellectual facilitators. Tradition vs. Chaos. Deconstruction is a symptom of disarray/ lack of focus in art schools. We need closure/ some sort of limits placed on what is deemed art and what's not. There should be honest meaning, value and reason behind the artist's intention. 

"talent" and "attitude" present the same problem- art is limited to a very small minority. "creativity" widens the playing field to include everybody - despite innate measure of talent or political/cultural discourse competency 
"attitude" is often critical,  promoting a world view/political discourse/ obsessed with pop culture and celebrities

What is next?

Art that has integrity, meaning and purpose.
Art that speaks to the heart of man.
Art that inspires.

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Gary said...


Congratulations on the baby. That's a major creation in and of itself. In this confusion about what are is, the best you can do is define it, its boundaries and its standards for yourself and make your art go there. That's the only way others might follow.