Thursday, April 3, 2008

Senior Sanity and babies

At the wind down of every semester that I've been a student at the AAC everyone starts to get a little batty. It's expected, accepted and pretty amusing. I'm recalling a late night in the computer lab not too long ago, listening to howls and screams coming from all floors near the atrium of students releasing their frustrations - and laughing. It was hillarious. Ofcourse being the "mature" student I politely explained in a very tongue and cheek way that, "some of us are actually trying to work here".

I am really proud of our senior class. I think that most of the work I've seen in preparation for thesis shows has been impressive. I am so excited about our upcoming show, Reconnecting: A reflection! Once the show is over, I plan on making new work about my pregnancy. The last doctor's appointment was unbelievable. Haz and I watched with amazement during our first ultrasound as a tiny body inside of me squirmed and yawned. The joy is unspeakable. I am attracted to the generational procession of mothers throughout the history of humanity. This life-giving ability that is passed from one woman to another. I feel honored to be so intimately connected with every woman who's ever carried a child.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ok. I can't remember the last time I took a bath, read a book, or went to bed on time. The past year has been a blur. I am really satisfied with the work I'll be presenting for my exhibition, but there have been all kinds of small and large sacfifices. I am scared to admit how relieved I'll be when this semester is over. I have been wondering lately, what is so admirable about complete consumption? It seems like that is how "real artists" are defined. To admit that I'm excited about taking a break from school is embarrassing. I question whether I can hold my own in the company of "real" artists. My mind wanders from babies to marriage to God and I seek to experience beauty in the simple pleasures of life. My loves are very domestic related. I don't feel pressured into any of the things I involve myself in. I clean and cook because the acts themselves satisfy something deep inside of me. My artwork gives form to those daily musings. I enjoy connecting with people through a smile, a meal or art. What fuels my desire to create art stems from the same desire that fuels me to cook, clean and nurture my family. I treasure relationships. I value life. I love to share and be trusted to listen. It is for this reason that I enjoy viewing art. I feel in some cases, that the artist has intentionally divulged a little of themselves in an effort to reach out. To share their view of the world around them. Art that invites, inspires.