Sunday, February 10, 2008


I'm banned from the printmaking studio!- (I'm pregnant and I told April Foster- apparently just being in the studio is not safe for baby and I- even if I'm alone and working with non-toxic materials)
This certainly makes things interesting...
Hello performance art!       


Katie said...

well first congrats again on the news, and as for your art, it might get tricky, but i really enjoyed your video piece and i think you could expand on that some more... and maybe you can commission(bribe) some people to make the prints you plan out, just a thought, your concept is strong so i think whatever way you work out to create it will turn out strong as well.. Good luck!!

Kris said...

See Jess, shit happens and so do babies I'm sure that you will figure something out!

Liz said...

Well now I know the change in direction and understand why the photos were becoming part of your piece.


Matt said...


How's all odf this working out for you now? More entries, please.