Thursday, March 20, 2008


Adapting to new media and processes has become an exciting challenge. Right now I'm currently working on editing my video piece "Untangle/Tangled". I never thought I'd be branching out into the world of video, but it really seems to be the most appropriate vehichle for portraying the kinds of emotions, joys, and struggles I associate with my experience as a caregiver. I'm also embarking on a lifesize graphite self portrait drawing to function as a doorway for the viewer to witness an intimate moment between my mother and I shortly before she passed away and to divulge a little of my heart - to foster a certain type of mood for the viewing experience of all the works as a whole. No performance art yet-

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Jonathan said...

yeah sounds good having the doorway, how will you evoke that impression? or are you making a real doorframe and all? Im glad that you are using video. What is it of? If you are able to get a chance, I think you could get some really nice footage of a baby through ultrasounds maybe even with some timelapse, I know your probably not at that point yet though physically. Maybe even a side profile of the biological inards like the bodies exhibit with the ultrasound footage blended into the placenta. if that makes sense